About us

Board of Imondio B.V.

The shareholders of Imondio B.V. do not have any voting rights. The board of Imondio B.V. does have voting rights and as such has control. However, Imondio B.V. must always comply with the statutes and the supervisory board makes sure that loans are solely used for the purchase of IP addresses.

Supervisory Board

The supervisory board consists of 3 members, whereby we aimed to have a combination of specific knowledge:

  • One member with knowledge of the IP market
  • One member with knowledge of legal affairs
  • One member with knowledge of financial matters

Management and team of Access2.IT Group B.V.

Marcel Jong
Concept Development
Andrea Kraal
Joeri Frantz
Infrastructure & Engineering
Melanie Jong
PR & Communication
Dawley Stuvel
Business Development
Norman Sedney
Business Operations